JOBS, JOBS, JOBS- 10.10.02
Krugman corrects some specious assertions by Glenn Hubbard about productivity and the business cycle

This Economy Fools Even George Soros- 6.99
Soros bets against the dollar and loses money.

No Pain, No Gain?- 1.99
More on punishment addicts and the love of falling GDP

Hangover Theory- 12.98
On those who love Depressions, Recessions, and probably hot pokers too.

Rashomon in Connecticut- 10.98
How to lose many, many billions in the comfort of your own Hedge Fund.

Living Wage- 9.98
Krugman pans a popular but unsound income redistribution scheme

Review of 'False Dawn'- 7.98
Smack around of a Journalist cum Economist cum Ignoramus.

Review of 'The Great Betrayal - 6.98
Takes on Buchanan's thesis- a long tirade against free trade.

Future Imperfect- 5.98
Explains why predicting the future is difficult, ends with predictions. OK.

Rupiah Rasputin- 4.13.98
Quick disposal of currency board crank, Steve Hanke


Life of Brian- 2.98
The debate. Krugman takes on journalists, Economists, and Nobel Prize winners.

Probing the VP's Thoughts- 2.98
Al Gore- the man he is, the books he reads, what he doesn't know.

The Legend of Arthur- 1.98
Began a long debate over who deserves credit for theory of Increasing Returns. I think Krugman won.

The power of BioBabble- 10.97
An easy but fun target- Pseudoeconomists and their kooky 'natural' Economics

Seeking the Waves- 6.97
A rather polite pummeling of Business cycle addicts

Vulgar Keynesians- 2.97
Condemnation of those who appropriate a great man for bad ends.

The Gold Bug variations- 11.96
Strangely restrained lecture to clueless Gold Standard adherents. Well, not that restrained.

Economic Culture Wars- 10.96
Reveals the dark side of Economic debate- English majors vs. Math majors.

Review of John Kenneth Galbraith's 'The Good Society'- 9.96
Krugman pans a free-lunch liberal book by Galbraith

Jude Wanniski vs. Paul Krugman- 9.96?
The Supply-Sider vs. The Debunker! A personal favorite- Krugman crushes Wanniski like a bloated bug. Gave rise to The Gold Bug Variations

Supply-Side Virus Strikes Again - 8.96
Concise, much-needed antibiotic aganist Wanniski & Co.

The implausible pundits- 5.96
Krugman's first article defending formal economics against the literati

Review of "The Future of Capitalism": Take Thurow's 'Future' with a Grain of salt- 3.96
Krugman makes a fool of Lester Thurow

The Economics of Never-Never Land- 2.96
It's about Steve Forbes. Need I say more?

Something To Look Forward To- 1.22.95
Critical review of Robert Heilbroner's book

Looking Back to the Future- 7.19.92
Critical review of Jeffrey Garten's conventional wisdom book

Review of 'One World'- ?
Routine trashing of an alarmist Airport Economist