Argentina: The Role of Ideology- 8.3.03

Notes on Depreciation, the Yen, and the Argentino - 12.28.01
Piece on Argentina and the Argentino

Krugman's newest non-Times piece on Argentina's currency-board-induced crisis -- highly recommended

LOU DOBBS MONEYLINE, November 8, 2001: Interview with Paul Krugman- 11.8.01
Krugman discusses Argentina with Lou Dobbs

The Energy Crisis Revisited*- 3.00
Why do we take low energy prices for granted?

The Crash interviews Paul Krugman- ?
Budget deficits, Capital Controls, I think you know the drill.

Tiger's Tale- 11.99
The leverage that shook the world- until the lever pushed back.

Capital Control Freaks- 9.99
Congrats for Capital Controls, Boo Hiss for Mr. Mahathir.

Don't Laugh at me, Argentina- 7.99
Everything that's supposed to work goes wrong. Comic opera or Economic reality?

Halftime Report: Author, “Return of Depression Economics”, CNNfn- 7.5.99

Recover? Don't bet on it- 6.99
Warning that nothing real has changed in Asia- no matter what investors seem to think.

Moneyline Inteview on the Asia Crisis- 4.26.99

Alas, Brazil- 2.99
Elegy for good intentioned Economics brought low by cold hard facts

The energy non-crisis explained- 2.1.99

The Return of Depression Economics - 1.99
The Economic crises hitting the world demand new and old solutions

I know what the hedges did last summer- 12.98
Wonders whether a Conspiracy to devalue Asia existed.

Forget disinvestment; talk privatisation- ?.98
Did traditional Macro analysis fail?

The Return of Dr. Mabuse- 11.98
International Speculators- the Simon Bar Sinisters of the Financial World

Is there a Crisis for Economics?- 11.12.98
The ivory tower is looking pretty pathetic right now. What's up?

Curfews on Capital Flights- 10.12.98
Evaluates a method to prevent more speculation flu.

The Confidence Game- 10.5.98
How the IMF and Washington made Asian Flu much, much worse.

Malaysia's opportunity?- 9.98

Heresy Time- 9.28.98
Heartfelt plea for lethargic world leaders to stand up and try something, anything.

Latin America's Swan Song- 9.23.98
The double standard facing South America's currencies.

The other Bear Market- 9.10.98
Russia- the new sick man of Europe. What's so wrong throwing money doesn't help?

Saving Asia: It's time to get radical- 9.8.98

Open letter to Mahathir- 9.1.98
Very reserved applause for PM Mahathir's currency controls.

Defending My Right To Be Taken Seriously- 9.1.98

Don't Panic- Yet- 8.98
Describes how Asian flu could become a world Depression.

The Indispensable I.M.F.- 5.15.98
There must be a lender of last resort for international financial markets

I told you so- 5.3.98
A chance to sit back, laugh at stupid people, and bask in being gloriously right all along.

Fire-Sale FDI*- 3.98
Mathematical modeling of the crisis. Interesting way of adding moral hazard to the equation

Paradigms of Panic- 3.98
Asian Flu and the Historical Perspective

Will Asia Bounce Back?- 3.98
Speech to the Swiss. Overviews the whole crisis. Discusses future plans.

Asia: What Went Wrong- 3.2.98

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, January 12, 1998: Interview with Paul Krugman- 1.29.98

What happened to Asia*- 1.98
Very technical, long account into the recent Asia crisis. Advanced Economists only.

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, December 31, 1997: Interview with Paul Krugman- 12.31.97

This Week, December 28, 1997: Paul Krugman debates Mark Malloch Brown, World Bank Vice-President- 12.28.97

CNN Impact, November 7, 1997: Interview with Paul Krugman- 11.07.97
Report on the Asian Crisis featuring a few Paul Krugman quotes

Where's the Miracle?- 8.97
Questions whether the reality in an Asian Miracle existed to begin with.

Clinton's trip recalls his finest moment- 5.5.97

Shadow Play- 11.95

Dutch tulips and emerging markets- 7.95

Monetary virtue leads two-peso tussle- 6.13.95

Brady plan for debtor nations is working well enough -- just . . .- 9.11.89

Venezuela's debt a monument to domestic mismanagement- 3.27.89

Currency Crises- ?
Look into the math of Currency crisis.