Fiscal Facts

SYNOPSIS: Some of the sources that Paul Krugman employs for his articles about fiscal policy

Some of my correspondents ask where I get the facts in my columns on fiscal policy - like the fact that the federal tax take is heading for a historic low, or that the new tax cut will give millionaires a much bigger-than-average proportional increase in their after-tax income. (Some people are honestly asking; others are challenging my veracity.)

Well, here's how to become an instant fiscal expert. Seriously, these sources are must reading for anyone interested in government policy.

First is the  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities . It's staffed largely by former Congressional aides. Yes, it's Democratic in orientation - but while that affects its choice of subjects, the statistical work is absolutely impeccable; there is nothing at all like it on the right, or anywhere else. Their recent  analysis  of the declining share of federal revenue in GDP was central to my last column. If you care about these things, check CBPP's site regularly for updates.

Second is the  Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center , which is particularly useful for distributional analyses - whose taxes get cut. Again, the orientation is Democratic - Republicans think that it's evil even to ask such questions - but the work is impeccable.

Now you, too, can do the math.

Originally published on the Official Paul Krugman Page, 5.28.03