SYNOPSIS: A follow-up to "O Canada!" the article about Mundell's Nobel Prize

It's good to know that the Wall Street Journal editorial page reads my columns. I actually don't return the favor: they aren't worth it. But a colleague just informed me of the reference to me a few days ago, in the context of the Nobel prize to Robert Mundell.

The WSJ seems utterly determined to claim that this was a supply-side prize. Um, why not try asking the Swedes? Or just try reading their statement and see what you think they had in mind, and whether it doesn't correspond pretty well to what I described in my Slate article.

But the real kicker was their characterization of that article as asserting that "Mr. Mundell 's great contribution to mankind has been ... his interest in the economy of his native Canada." Do they really think that was what the article said? Even I didn't think they were that dumb ....