Time on the Cross*-9.99
Whether with graphs or words the conclusion is the same- inflate, oh Japan.

Land of the Rising Yen-9.99
Shrugs off the small mistakes and pumps fist about big triumphs.

Analytical Afterthoughts on Asia*-9.99
Quick examination of Currency Crises. Finally, some graphs to go along with it.

Still Depressed about Japan- 5.99 Discusses the political and social malaise in Japan that makes the Economy stagnate.

Morning in Japan?-3.99
At long last- validation. Japan begins to inflate.

The Law of the Excluded Middle-2.10.99
Japan needs inflation targeting to get out of Recession

Delusions of Respectability- 2.7.99
Refutes the attacks on a policy of controlled inflation

Japan Heads for the Edge- 1.20.99

Japan: still trapped*- 11.30.98
Follow up to the previous one. Premise- little has changed.

Japan- worse than you think- 10.27.98
Attacks continued fiscal policy & remarks on the rise of the Yen.

A Note on Bailouts.*- 10.17.98
A quick but technical look at the logic behind a policy of inflation

It's baaack! Japan's slump and the return of the liquidity trap- 10.98

A Bridge to Nowhere-7.14.98
Japan's bank recovery scheme won't amount to much.

Japan- what went wrong?- 6.98
Commonsense look into the problems confronting Japan

Furthur notes on Japan's Liquidity Trap- 6.98
Responds to some questions posed to the inflation theory.

Japan's Trap*- 5.98
Very complete, if difficult, look into the Depression. Focus on Liquidity traps

What is Wrong with Japan?-?
Refutes theory that Japan's problems are purely structural.