The Conscience of a Liberal -- Paul Krugman's blog-

Paul's New York Times blog, where he posts usually several times a day. The best economics and politics blog on the web.

Paul Krugman's Nobel Page-

Contains Paul's Nobel lecture, interviews with him, photos of the Nobel and related ceremonies, and just about everything related to his 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics

Economist's View

The economics blog of economist Mark Thoma. Contains summaries of Krugman's NY Times columns and A LOT of other Krugman content

The New Official Paul Krugman Web Page (No longer updated)-

This is the new official page that Paul Krugman set up after his move to Princeton. As you will see, he returned the favor by linking back to us.

The Official Paul Krugman Web Page-

One of the few public figures anywhere to run his own site, the Official Krugman site has been up for a long time. It contains almost everything Krugman has written, along with some additional pictures and graphs that aren't here. The first stop on the path of enlightenment.

Krugman's German Page (Scroll down to bottom of page) (Note: A more complete version of this page containing a wealth of information for everyone -- pictures of the ceremony, some of Krugman's papers in German, and other goodies -- used to be located at

Two speeches from an an honorary degree Krugman received in Berlin. An extensive overview of his career is Here.

Learn Macroeconomics from Paul Krugman

These are the lecture notes from an introductory Macroeconomics class taught by Krugman at MIT

Krugman's Rockefeller Interviews

Here are some video clips of several PBS interviews where Krugman discusses the Rockefellers

Three Krugman Conferences at Princeton

One news conference on the day Krugman won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics and two conferences at Princeton where Krugman speaks about September 11. You'll have to search for the videos on the page (press control-F and type "Krugman"), and you'll have to fastforward in each of the videos in order to get to each of Krugman's speeches. Sorry but the Sept 21 conference has poor sound quality.

MIT Economics Course Catalogue Archive

This page has some course web pages and lecture notes of MIT professors, including Krugman. You might have to search a little bit to find them


Most people are introduced to Krugman through his column in Slate- the Dismal Science. Besides that, Krugman's pieces appear in a dialogue with John K Galbraith and also in a stint doing another column type of thing- 'The Breakfast Table.' Come for the Krugman, stay for... well, something.


Contains all of Krugman's books. If you don't want to stare at the order form in a small frame on this page, go here instead and search to your heart's content. Also has Thurow, Galbraith, and Arthur, who seem to have slipped behind Krugman in terms of sales. Darn.

MIT Press

No Internet orders, but carries a near-complete line of Krugman's more technical papers.

Boston Review: Krugman on the New Inequality

A Krugman piece, one I can't put up directly due to a copyright problem. Alas! But you can read the piece, a critique on Richard Freeman's book 'Solving the New Inequality,' here.

Documents on Mexican Politics

Contains the Krugman piece- 'Competitiveness- A Dangerous Obsession' along with many other aritlces on Mexican politics and the Mexican Economy

Mother Jones

A little left leaning for my tastes, but probably has the most Krugman articles after Slate and Fortune. Go to the bottom and search for them. 'The Spiral of Inequality' is excellent, as is the Krugman vs. Wanniski piece.


Contains a few more Krugman pieces I'm not allowed to post here. You'll have to search for them, but you've gotten this far, haven't you?


Brad DeLong's Homepage and Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal

After Krugman's NY Times blog, this is the best economics blog on the web, and one of Krugman's favorites. As well as a big, well-designed site with much more than just a few reviews of Krugman's books. DeLong surveys the whole economic scene with a practiced, trustworthy eye. His own papers are also worth a read.

Talking Points Memo, by Joshua Micah Marshall

One of Krugman's favorite blogs, which grew into a news magazine beginning in 2005. Josh Marshall and his team provide very thorough commentary on both foreign and domestic policy

The Greenspan Mystique

Typically silly article by the totally discredited Glassman. Takes another whack at Krugman for being cautious about New Economy claims. What's that, Timmy? The Dow isn't at 30,000? The Nasdaq has plunged? Goodness me.

The Bactra Review

Takes a penetrating look- much more in depth than the glossover most Reviewers give Economics books- to Krugman's Pop Internationalism and Self-Organizing Economy.

Thomas Cool's Website

Freelance Econometricist and consultant. Wrote 'Unemployment Solved' in the 'Others On Krugman' section. Good guy. Can't say I'm skilled enough in mathematical theory to really understand what he's talking about, but it's definitely worth a look.

The New Democrat

For a tool of the Democratic party, has some good things to say. Contains Krugman's essay- 'How is Nafta doing?'

The Alan Reynolds Associates Page

You've got to admit- for a Krugman enemy, this guy writes surprisingly well. Authored two attacks on Krugman, disputing the rising amount of income inequality. An excellent example of a Supply-Sider and worth a visit, if only to understand why he's wrong.

The Doric Column

A reasonable guy writes this column. It can also be found in 'Others on Krugman' but I thought some might enjoy seeing it in the original.

Keith Rankin

Balanced overview of some speeches Krugman gave about various Economic crises underway. Also in the 'Others on' section, but this guy has a lot more to say than just this. Take a look.

Franklin Neubauer's Reviews

Very literate, concise review of 'Peddling Prosperity. Some debatable critiques, but in all respects a very well rounded piece. Connects to his reviews in general, which come recommended.

Raymond Lau's Views and Interests

A fellow Krugman fan. Seems like a nice guy.


Daily Babel

Foreign-language news articles from around the world translated into English (Full disclosure: This site is run by the webmaster's best friend)