Morning Edition, October 13, 2008: Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize in Economics- 10.13.08
Discussion about Paul's Nobel Prize in Economics, which he won on this day!

'We are a banana republic'- 5.19.05
Article on Krugman and his opinions on a hodgepodge of global economic issues

Paul Krugman wins a major award in Spain

The Unraveler- 11.20.03
Book review of The Great Unraveling

Book Review: The Great Unraveling: From Boom to Bust in Three Scandalous Years by Paul Krugman- 11.20.03
Dual review in The Independent of The Great Unraveling as well as a book by Stiglitz -- concludes that Krugman's book is better

The New Yorker Talk of the Town: Sticks and Stones: Blalking- 11.10.03
New Yorker article about how litigious Luskin made a fool of himself by threatening to sue Atrios

Book Review of The Great Unraveling: The Awful Truth- 11.6.03
Wonderful review by Russell baker about The Great Unraveling

Book Review: The Great Unraveling by Paul Krugman: The Greed and Cynicism of George Bush- 10.1.03
Review in The Independent by Diane Coyle of The Great Unraveling

'I do get rattled'- 9.19.03
Personal article on Krugman about The Great Unraveling, how he became the most important columnist in the U.S., and some of the things he must go through for security purposes

Wealth of Opinions: Economist and Columnist Paul Krugman Has Emerged as Bush's Harshest Critic- 1.22.03
Terribly researched profile of Krugman that shows Howard Kurtz's conservative bias (not to mention laziness)

Comparative Advantage: How economist Paul Krugman became the most important political columnist in America- 12.02
Very thorough profile of Krugman by Nicholas Confessore

Paul Krugman is Editor & Publisher's Columnist of the Year- 11.26.02
Congratulations Paul!

Ben Stein's Screed- 3.02
Stein attacks Krugman. Also read Paul Krugman's response to this and Bobby's response

The Hack strikes again!- 7.27.00
Complains about Krugman's recent attack on Nader.

Au Revoir to Krugman- 7.17.00
Nader story about Krugman and Friedman. For additional fun, read out my (Kevin) response to it.

The Media Empire Blows Back- 4.00
Robert Naiman responds to Krugman's column criticizing attacks on the Mozambique nut industry

The Irrational Economist- 4.00
Wanniski criticizes Krugman's attack on stock market irrationality

What I Learned- 4.00
Joseph Stiglitz savages the IMF for insularity and inaccountability

How the Economists got it wrong- 2.00
James K. Galbraith criticizes Krugman.

Laudatio for Krugman- ?
In-depth overview of Krugman's career.

Krugman's Desperation- ?.98
Part biography, part criticism, part debate

Why Capital Controls are necessary- ?
Gives Krugman a great amount of credit for arguing for Capital Controls, putting his own career at risk.

Unemployment solved- an answer to Krugman*- 10.99
Argues that tax structure is the reason for unemployment.

Globalization and the 'Universal Market'- 8.99
A Socialist critique of Krugman's Globalization theories. Well-researched; scores some points.

The Doric Column- 5.99
Mentions Krugman.

Sharp Tongue, Maverick Mind- 10.98
MIT Press examines their Professor.

Krugman's Cargo-cult Economics- 10.98
Wonderful attack on Krugman, the government, the profession of Economics, etc.

Economics Rivals- *.97
Examines the debate between him and Lester Thurow over Economic wellbeing

The Bactra Review- 1.97
Bactra Review criticizes Krugman's Self-Organizing Economy

Review of Peddling Prosperity- 10.96
Admiration for one of Krugman's books.

Peddling Krugman- 9.96
Robert Kuttner of Businessweek fame criticizes Krugman.

Krugman vs. Kuttner- 9.96
Krugman responds; Kuttner gets to make closing arguments.

Jude Wanniski interjects- 9.96
Jude Wanniski interjects.

The Bactra Review- Self-Organizing Economy- 5.96
Review of 'The Self-Organizing Economy'

The Bactra Review- Pop Internationalism- ?
Review of 'Pop Internationalism'

The Great Debunker- *.96
Mainly complementary Newsweek article.

The Miracle of the Sausage-Makers- 12.95
The Economist examines the early furor over 'Asia's Miracle.'

In Honor of Paul Krugman- ?.92
Explains why Krugman got the 91 John Bates Clark Medal.

Peddling Pomposity- ?
Response from a supply-sider.

What Krugman don't know can hurt you.- ?
More denying any real wealth inequality. By the same as the above.

Mother Jones Bio- ?
Quick biography on Krugman.

The Bionomics Institute- ?
Quick bio.

Can the Depression become global?- ?
Look into one of Krugman's speeches. First of three.

Making the Alliance look Right-Wing- ?
Second of two. Examines Krugman's call for Japanese inflation.

Currency Crises in Asia-?
Final one. The current currency crises around the world.

An Interview with Paul Krugman- ?
A reporter from Strategy & Business interviews Krugman on a wide range of topics.

New Economy? What New Economy- ?
Argues there has been no unmeasured growth in productivity.

Trade and Globalization don't hurt Wages- ?
Reviews Krugman's debunking work on Pop Internationalism