Ph.D. International Trade- 2.20.02
Some Notes for Krugman's Ph.D. class on International Trade -- If you don't have MS Word, you can view Word Files by clicking here to download and install this free application. If you don't have Powerpoint, you can view PowerPoint Files by clicking here to download and install this free application.

Balance sheets and transfer problems*- ?
Intensely technical look into modeling currency crises.

Enemies of the WTO- 10.99
We must stop the WTO, or those charming natives might get a shot at bettering themselves!

A dollar crisis- 8.99
The deficit demands that the dollar drop in value. And yet, there it is.

Heaven is a weak Euro*- 6.99
Mathcentric article, points out the value of- what? You already guessed?

Monomoney Mania- 4.99
The fewer currencies the better, right? Well... no.

The Euro, be careful what you wish for- 12.98
Looks into the Europe economic situation at the dawn of the Euro.

Soro's Plea- 11.98
Reflection on the strangest Protectionist of them all- George Soros

The Eternal Triangle*- 10.98
Longsighted view at the need for a new Financial structure.

A Raspberry for Free Trade- 11.97
An easy introduction to the principles behind free trade.

The East is in the Red - 7.97
Classic myth- 'China exports more than it imports, and always will.'

Bahtulism- 8.97
Quick overview of why currencies collapse.

What Globalization?- Spring.97

What should Negotiators negotiate?- 3.97
Commentary on an oddity- what are trade negotiators doing when they're negotiating Free Trade?

In Praise of cheap labor- 3.97
The ultimate satisfaction for the rebel- having the facts right. In this case, being in favor of sweatshops.

First, Do No Harm - 8.96
Deficit spending is not the answer to current Economic problems

How Copper became a Cropper- 7.96
Not specifically Currency related, but the Commodities market has much in common.

How is Nafta doing?- 5.96
Conclusion- just like the predictions went. Go suck eggs, Ross Perot.

Ricardo's difficult idea- 3.96
Statement for free trade. Bonus- a call for Economists to be Orthodox Rebels.

A Country Is Not a Company - 2.96
Drawing parallels between Macro and Micro can be dangerous

The Adam Smith address: What difference does globalization make?- 1.96

Dutch Tulips and Emerging Markets - 8.95
Economic reality wreaks havoc with the Washington consensus

Competitiveness: A Dangerous Obsession- 6.95
Famous Krugman trade piece

Why higher savings may hit the dollar- 5.24.95

The end is not quite nigh- 4.95

The Euro, Living dangerously- ?
Expresses concern over the goals and expectations surrounding the Euro.

No Free Lunch- ?
The unchanging dollar and why the Quantum Fund has to go suck eggs.

Who's Afraid of the Euro- ?
The importance of an International currency? Basically nil.

The Thrill of Competition- ?.94
Pitting competition as a zero-sum game disguises its worth to both countries

Mything my Point- 4.95
Rebuts counter-arguments to the article below

The Myth of Asia's Miracle- 11.94
A famous, old attack against the CW- predicting an end to the Asian Miracle. Krugman-1. World-0

Does Third World Growth Hurt First World Prosperity? - 8.94
Hint: The answer is no.

Proving My Point - 8.94
Responds to critics that believe that Competitiveness and Neo-Mercantilism is a valid worldview

No Great Crisis in the Dollarís Drop- 6.26.94

The Myth of Competitiveness- 6.94

Michael Kinsley interviews Paul Krugman- 5.94
Michael Kinsley interview Paul Krugman on Japan and free trade

Moneyweek, March 26, 1994: Interview with Paul Krugman- 3.26.94

CNN News, March 25, 1994: Interview with Paul Krugman- 3.25.94
Interview criticizing Clinton trade policy


All Things Considered, November 5, 1993: Interview with Paul Krugman- 11.5.93

The uncomfortable truth about NAFTA: It's foreign policy, stupid- 11.93

Stitching together a future- 8.92

A Global Economy Is Not the Wave of the Future- 3.92

Why regional trade blocs can't be avoided- 9.30.91

Can the Soviets fire up trade?- 9.9.91

The Summit won't solve world economic problems- 7.91

Don't be fooled by the shrinking trade deficit- 6.91

Why foreigners aren't buying up America anymore- 4.29.91

Why the World Won't Run Out of Capital- 4.15.91

Who's Afraid of an All-Out Trade War? We'll Do Okay if Push Comes to 'Shove Off'- 3.25.90

One of Krugman's earliest articles on free trade